Cbl Christianity is the major category of Cbl Media Headed and Directed By Ambassador Amb Princewill, it talks more about Christianity, the real one. It features great teachers of the Gospel that have inspired and done great things in this Generation. 

All the topics that are taught in Cbl Media are written by great and God-fearing men and women of God.

Sponsored by VGSG.

(VGSG) The Voice Of God Solutions Ground.

Is one of the Great sponsors of Cbl Media they have added lots of Value and response to Cbl.

They are great activities that hold in Cbl Media such as STUDYING WITH THE LORD With Timothee Obinna

Timothee is the Co-founder and owner of Cbl Media every week he holds these activities with some group of people, that study the chapter of the bible every week/monthly.

Christianity is working together with Business the two teams are the ones sponsoring the Tour and activity called #Buildingthegenerationoftoday. On a Christian Foundation

And they are moving Forward Every day.

Motto: WE love you But God Loves You More.

If you want to support Cbl Christianity to move further with the #BuildingtheGenerationoftoday on a Christian Foundation

All you have to do is submit your name and email, after that, you write a short text of what you think About Cbl Media #BuildingtheGenerationoftoday

And why you want to support us.

Director of Cbl Christianity: Ambassador Amp Princewill

Words From Director:

What are we waiting for there is no time to procrastinate  Let’s get started. We can do this together.

Let’s get started As fast as we can, You know procrastination in anything is bad everything should be done fast.

Our Number Goal is to build Cbl Media to become every youth favorite Media site and company Tomorrow through Christ we do all these for we have seen and understood that Cbl Media has a brighter future and a lot to offer to it member “The Youth” every youth should be  intimate with God like never before that is why We in Cbl Media Created this profile for youth called #Buildingthegenerationoftoday with God we believe we can do it.

That is what we use all the money you give us to do. “Help Youths”