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1 Business Every youth should start success!!!

Last updated on June 1, 2020

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1 Business Every youth should start, You are wondering why you should start a business at 25 or less? Note that if you cannot do something when you are young. When you are older you could lose the energy, time, and opportunity for it. Believe me pal!!With this post you will surely get a positive result.

This will blow your mind, what if I tell you that the youngest investor is only 19

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  1. The business to start
  2. Why should I start a business
  3. What of the Capital

Like I said previously if you cannot do something when you are young. When you are older you could lose the energy or opportunity for it. Funny right?

  1. The Business to start

1 Business Every youth should start

Investment!!! yes, investment, that every youth should start, can you calculate how much money banks have taken from you, maybe after the withdrawal or transfers, you make every day?.


The economy has been uneven for the past few years. As a result, some people are nervous about investing their money in stocks or mutual funds. While investing your money does carry some risk, if you hope to be able to retire comfortably one day—investing is really the best way to go. You can have some funds in an insured savings account. However, investing your money typically brings the highest rate of return and pays off the most in the long run. If you’re just getting started with investing or are on the fence about it, take a look at these benefits of investing:

When you invest money, either by purchasing stocks or shares of a company or by buying mutual funds, your money ends up earning its own income. If the value of the stock or mutual fund increases, you can earn money if you sell the stock for a higher price. Plus, many stocks or mutual funds pay dividends (a percentage of the company’s earnings) each quarter. The dividends you earn on your investments often get re-invested in the company, so the amount of stock you own— and the value of that stock—increases.

Typically, investing money leads to a more return than putting your money into a savings account. Many savings accounts offer interest rates around just one percent (or lower). This isn’t enough to keep up with the rate of inflation as it hovers around three percent each year. Although there’s no guaranteed rate of return when you invest, the average is around seven percent per year. Funny right? Believe me, it is still the best for you, you should put your hard-earned cash here, for a better and positive result.

I just wanna chip this in some youths out there are making close to $1000 every month and some dont but you could try something with or without money that will make you a multi millionaire Check this out, 10 Ways to Invest In Real Estate Without money

  1. Why should I start a business

Reduced Taxes

Another advantage of investing your money is that it gives you a chance to reduce your taxable income. Certain retirement accounts, such as a 401k and a traditional IRA allow you to deduct the amount you contribute from your income for the year. You do have to pay taxes on the amounts and their earnings in retirement. However, investing today can give you a bit of a break on taxes. The amount you contribute to other retirement accounts (like a Roth IRA) is taxed in the year you make the contribution. But, you don’t have to pay tax on that amount or any earnings when you withdraw it during retirement.

Provide a regular income

If you’re retired or approaching retirement, you’ll probably be looking for something that can give you a regular income to cover day-to-day living expenses.

There’s a range of investments, including equities, bonds, and property, that can provide you with regular income that’s often higher than the rate of inflation.

  1. What of the Capital

You Don’t Need Much to Get Started

Although you might think of the typical investor as a person that wears a fancy suit, drives a fancy car, and has deep pockets—the truth is that pretty much anyone can get started with investing. If you don’t have thousands to invest, you can get started with less than $100. All you need to do is buy a single stock or invest in a single mutual fund. You can continue to invest and increase the amount of your investments as your income and the financial situation evolves.

Whether your goal is to save for retirement, put aside money for your kids’ education or save up a down payment for a house, investing can help you get there. Don’t feel that you need to sort through the details of investing or setting goals on your own, though. Cbl Media partner team is happy to help you understand your financial situation. We can put together a strategic plan to help you reach your goals. To learn more about how you can get started on the path to financial freedom, give us a call today.


At 17 you don’t truly know (I surely didn’t) how much time you actually have. In the world of business, for most your age, you’re practically still in womb. It’s great you want to be your own boss and stimulate the economy with your undying passionate vigor!


Too much failure in the beginning, you may dig too deep of a hole. You can’t learn without failure but there are many failures you can avoid by educating yourself before you make headway out of the proverbial entrepreneurial fetus.

Be wise

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