THE POWER OF LOVE - Cbl media love is caring it does not hate neith..
the power of love

the power of love


                                          The Power Of Love

Hello everyone how are you today, I decide to by God grace to write something beautiful today and am happy to bring this message to you today.

There is something that the bible let us know, something super and unique the bible broke down what LOVE truly is.

As a christian learn how to love

You see….

Love is unbreakable

Love keeps no record of wrongs

Love is caring

Love is kind

Love does not dishonor others

Love is not self seeking

So how much do you love your neighbor do not forget that the bible let us know that you most love your neighbor as you self before claiming or saying that you love God, You see my fill love can heal a very deep wound it can heal a broken heart it can change a deadly mind love can make impossible possible because it comes from God, so tell me how much do you love God how much do you love your friend

The Ones at your work place, the ones at home.

Learn that you most learn how to forgive before knowing how to love <genuine love>


You  can only know that when you sacrifice your last bread for him/her even though she/he does not deserve it.

When that love begins to manifest you won’t know you just see yourself doing good things people tell you that you are so kind and you how.

Because you have accepted Jesus and his love and you are displaying that love now.

You see if you accept Jesus Christ into your life you will see love of changes although circumstances will come because that is compulsory negative thought will come bad friends will come things will happen deadly temptations will come but you have to bore all these things because the bible lets us know that Gold and silver are tested by fire But man is tested By God at The last day you will be happy with joy in your hearth that yes you deserved this Good things that God has brought your way.


Wow fellow how was that hope it helped you make the right decision see here Jesus loves you and that is the fact so fear not because the lord God is your strength see God today by Giving your life to him remember Jesus said “No one comet to thy father except through me”

I believe you can change lives to, the bible lets us know that heaven rejoices over one soul that has been won. Above all Jesus let us know that we can do far more great things that he did here on earth.

Before I drop my notepad I want to let you know that God love you so much that was why he gave his only begotten. For you

It all starts from the beginning

locate Jesus today and he will find you Hallelujah

I love you But God loves you More.

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