5 Conversations You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Have With Your Boss

5 Conversations You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Have With Your Boss

You’re an employee, not a robot. That means you shouldn’t expect to merely acquiesce. In fact, the workers who move up the corporate ladder fastest are the ones who advocate for their own needs and build a solid, differentiated brand.


Sound scary or uncomfortable? To be sure, making a request of your boss can feel a little off-putting. Rest assured, in a healthy organization, making a request is perfectly acceptable behavior. A bonus benefit is that it pushes you outside of your norm, which can be good for your future. As Vicki Walia, chief talent and capability officer at Prudential, writes, “Don’t wait for your career to come to you—you need to take ownership of your own growth.” Good advice from someone who’s been there, done that.

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Take raises, for instance. After at least a year of putting your best foot forward and excelling, you should be perfectly poised to ask for more money. You’re not being greedy, and most managers won’t think you’re uncouth by making the case for why you’re worth a bump in salary. Just make sure it’s in line with competitive rates for what you do and where you work.

Of course, money isn’t the only thing you’ll want to talk to your boss about. A Glassdoor survey revealed that most benefits and compensation matter less to professionals than other workplace factors, anyway. Consequently, your ask may be unrelated to finances and more attuned to some other personal or professional need.

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