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How do you view the future?

Hello guys hope you all are enjoying the articles i and my team have been writing lately.

Today i decided to speak on something very very important to me and that thing is no other but a life touching topic: How do you view the future

I don’t know how you see the future but i have a great believe that things are gonna change for good so tell me your your own view do you think the world will remain the same, change or get worse.

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What the bible says…

God will wipe out every tears from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore the former things have passed. Old things have passed away ” rev 21 3, 4.

You see sometimes i wonder what this xenophobia is all about this is something funny, africans killing africans how amazing well jesus said it in revelations that brothers will kills each other, bad things will begin to happen this xenophobia is a big prove. I see all countries as siblings Nigerians south africans, americans, europeans etc we are all brother we are meant to view the future positively together. You think God is not able to do things, in the bible God alone is called the “almighty” for he has unlimited powers.

revelations says 15:3} so he is fully able to keep his promise to change our world for the better hallelujah.

Are you a true believer do you have faith in christ do you love him do you care for do you want to know him get intimate with or learn from him all you have to do is give your life to christ accept him as your personal lord and saviour. By saying this prayers with faith hope believe and determination feel sorry for all you have done.

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Here ; Lord Jesus please forgive me all my sin i know i have done wrong in life but you said in your word that those who ask for mercy you will shew mercy upon him please accept me today and cleanse today amen.

love all but God loves you more.


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